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Why I am Running as a Catholic School Trustee Candidate in the 2013 Municipal Election

November 4, 2012

It is fitting to begin my blog on Catholic Education Sunday (Nov. 3-4, 2012) when we celebrate the fact that we have publicly funded Catholic education in our province — a fact that we Catholic parents do not take for granted.  Catholic schools are witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that teaches that all people are of value in the eyes of God.  We need this witness more than ever in our province, our country and our world.

I see every day in my work as a Caseworker for a local MLA how people are dehumanized by poverty, homelessness, and bureaucracy.  I see how the less fortunate among us can suffer because of our lack of caring for the most vulnerable in our society. As I send my children to school, I hope that their school environment is reinforcing what my husband and I are teaching them at home:  that they are called to be witnesses of the Gospel of Love.  I hope that with this nurturing at home and at school, they will transform society to be a community that rallies around the less fortunate, that includes them as valuable and needed members of our society.

It is imperative that our schools are these witnesses to our children and to our society.  Our parents, teachers, administrators and trustees work together to ensure that our schools reflect Gospel values.  We do this for example,

  • by the financial policies that waive student fees for those who cannot pay
  • when we address bullying issues and teach our children how to love and accept one another as Jesus loves and accepts us
  • by the way we express our faith on the message board outside our school
  • by involving our students in supporting Catholic charities
  • when we allocate adequate funds to support students with disabilities
  • by gathering students, parents and administration together for school liturgies
  • by the way we support low enrollment schools

Catholic schools follow in the foot steps of Jesus when they teach by example that all people are valued regardless of their socio-economic status, colour, sexual orientation, appearance, level of social skills, abilities or disabilities.  Jesus calls us to love one another and to forgive one another when we fail to do so.  As a Catholic school trustee candidate in the upcoming municipal election, please know that I am committed to realizing this vision for our Catholic schools.


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