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Crunching Some More Numbers

October 12, 2013

Below you will find a comparison of remuneration of trustees from Edmonton Catholic School District (ECSD), Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB) and Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) as of August, 2012 from the Audited Financial Statements posted online at  You will notice that ECSD trustees receive a much higher salary than EPSB and CCSD despite that fact that they govern fewer schools and students.  Here are the facts:


Average Trustee Salary:  $65,833 (does not include expenses)


Average Trustee Salary:  $44,255 (does not include expenses)

ECSD Trustees made on average $21,578 more than EPSB Trustees in 2012 or 49% more

In 2012 ECSD trustees got paid 49% more than EPSB trustees for looking after 44% fewer schools (88 for ECSD, 199 for EPSB) with 43% fewer students.


Average Trustee Salary:  $38,670 (does not include expenses)

ECSD Trustees received $27,163 more per year than Calgary Catholic School trustees or 70% more

CCSD trustees serve 49,000 students in 105 schools.  So they make 70% less than ECSD and serve 30% more students and 16% more schools than ECSD.

I am dismayed at seeing these numbers because while ECSD trustees make these high salaries, I have met two families in the last 2 weeks who have transferred their special needs children from ECSD to EPSB because they were offered more supports in the EPSB.  I also met a special needs teacher while door knocking who said that indeed, there have been cut backs in supports for special needs children.  As a Catholic school district that claims to believe that each child is a precious gift and sacred responsibility, I ask where is the ECSD’s responsibility to support the most vulnerable children in our system?

Where are the district’s priorities if it is willing to pay trustees, principals and vice-principals to attend a 3 day “Leadership Academy” at Jasper Park Lodge but cuts back on supports to special needs children?  I believe that it is time for a change on our Board–It is time for fresh eyes, fresh hearts and fresh minds to take a new look at our district’s priorities in light of our faith and the values of the Gospel.


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One Comment
  1. Camero Fahlman permalink

    What a refreshing point of view. An elected voice that is thoughtful and principled!

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