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Community League Day, September 20, 2014

September 22, 2014

We had a perfect day for Community League Day, 2014 — plenty of sunshine, blue skies and warmth!  There are 21 community leagues in Ward 71, 14 of which had an event on September 20th.  I managed to make it to 7 of the 14 community leagues this year:  Westwood, Prince Rupert, Sherbrooke, Carnaervon, Calder, Athlone and Mayfield. I was so impressed with the number of volunteers who came out to celebrate and support our community leagues!  Where would our communities be without you?

It is very important for me to get out into the public to connect with my constituents because it gives me a chance to hear what is on your mind. I was elected to represent the concerns of the public and so I really want to hear from you — how can I serve you?  Going out into your communities gives me a chance to see where you live and what challenges and opportunities you have where you live.  I knew for example that Athlone had a new development called the Bellweather but received more detailed information by visiting the community.  This development will have 4 storey apartments and 3 story walk ups in the core of the development, with duplexes around the outer perimeter. Apparently this development will eventually house 1,000 people — a great boon to nearby St. Angela school.

I learned as well of the fabulous collaborative efforts between the Prince Rupert Community League, Terra Association and the Thai Community to build a new hall in Prince Rupert.   It is wonderful to hear how the City of Edmonton is bringing groups together to share facilities to the benefit of all involved.

Thanks to everyone who fed me and made me feel so welcome in your communities! I had a very productive and pleasant day and enjoyed meeting all of you!



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