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Request for Information Re: Designated Schools and Catchment Areas

September 22, 2014

At the September 9, 2014 Public Board Meeting I requested the following information.  It was determined by Superintendent Carr that this information would be shared at the Annual School Review which takes place in November.  The Annual School Review meeting does not take place in public so I will post the results of my inquiry on my blog once this information is shared with me at that meeting.  Here is my inquiry:

Could the administration give a report on how principals are implementing our policies regarding catchment areas, open boundaries and designated schools?  Could this report be prepared by the next public board meeting?

Rationale for Request:

According to our district website’s School Designations page, each of our elementary schools has a designated junior and senior high school.  St. Paul’s designated school for example is St. Rose and St. Vincent, Our Lady of Peace and St. Pius X’s designated school is St. Mark.  Could the administration explain how this list of designated schools on our website relates to open boundaries?

In regards to catchment areas I am learning that these are being implemented to lesser or greater degrees depending upon the principal.  I have learned that in some cases principals implement the catchment areas in the interest of not taking students away from other schools nearby.  It is a way to reduce competition for students between schools.

On the other hand I know of schools which are taking students outside of their catchment area to the detriment of other schools nearby.  Many students for example who live in the St. Mark catchment area and are designated to St. Mark are accepted into other junior highs in our district.  Could the administration give our board the number of students who could be attending St. Mark given their catchment area and designated school but have been accepted into other junior highs in our district?



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