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Parish and School Visits 2014

September 25, 2014

I have been working hard to get in touch with my Ward 71 constituents by visiting parishes and schools. So far I have managed to visit St. Edmund Parish, St. Philip Orthodox Church, St. Andrew Centre and Parish, St. Vladimir, and Shepherd’s Care Kensington.  I will be visiting Holy Rosary parish Sept. 27 and 28, Sacred Heart Parish October 5, St. Charles Parish November 8 and 9 and Our Lady of Guadalupe (no firm date set as yet).  I have been fortunate to speak at some of these parishes and at least hand out my Report Back to the Community which gives an outline of some of the things I have done since being elected.

I have also managed to visit St. Basil, St. Pius X, St. Angela, Katherine Therrien, and St. Mark schools where I handed out over 300 Report Back flyers to parents attending the Meet the Teacher/Welcome Back BBQ.  One parent thought I was at the school because I was seeking election!  I thought that this was very telling:  that the only time parents see their trustee is when there is an election!  I hope to change that by being more available to parents so I can hear their concerns.

The public needs to know that trustees are not permitted to drop in on schools at any time.  The district has a policy that trustees are only allowed on school property if invited by the principal.  Because of this policy I suggest that if parents wish me to attend school events, that they request the principal to extend an invitation to me.   In the mean time, I will make every effort to be available on the sidewalk at the front of the school when school events are on in order to meet with my constituents. Another way to get in touch with me is by phoning my cell at 587-879-5612 or by email at


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