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Two Sides to a Story

July 20, 2016

Today Principal Hugh MacDonald was featured on the front page of the Edmonton Journal stating that he had been bullied by 2 trustees.  I believe that some facts were missing from the article which I am compelled to share with the public here.

First of all, the public needs to be aware that ECSD has an Administrative Regulation 408.1 which disallows any political campaigning on school property except under certain conditions.  Janet French did not cite the existence of this Administrative Regulation in her article.  The trustees running for their second term in 2013 when Mr. MacDonald made his comments at the principals’ meeting, were very much aware of this regulation as was I as a new candidate.  Principals are very cognizant of the regulation as well.  Several times principals shooed me off the public sidewalk in front of schools as I handed out flyers, citing this regulation.  I was getting such grief from principals that I called EPS to verify that I indeed was legally allowed to stand on a public sidewalk outside schools.  EPS assured me that I was able to do so as long as I was not disrupting traffic or being a nuisance to the public.  So principals and seasoned and unseasoned trustees know very well that this regulation exists and what its contents are.

The question becomes  why was Mr. MacDonald allowed to break Administrative Regulation 408.1 with impunity leading the 2 trustees to seek justice elsewhere?


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