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Strategic Alliance for Alberta Students With Learning Challenges

May 7, 2017

On Thursday, April 20, 2017 Greta Gerstner, founder of the Strategic Alliance for Alberta Students with Learning Challenges was introduced in the Alberta Legislature.  The following is the Hansard which explains what the Alliance is hoping to accomplish.  Here is a link to their Facebook page if you are interested in learning more.  Thank you Greta for all that you are doing to promote better support for our students with learning challenges.

The Speaker: Welcome.

The hon. Member for Edmonton-Ellerslie, Loyola: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you and through you to all members of this Assembly a valuable constituent of Edmonton-Ellerslie, Greta Gerstner, the founder of Strategic Alliance for Alberta Students with Learning Challenges. This group was born out of Greta’s strong desire to change the education system to help all students with learning challenges. I’ve been working closely with her as she hopes to change how the system works, specifically focusing on how to eliminate roadblocks. She hopes to bring awareness to all Albertans that by not providing the students with learning challenges the help they need to succeed, we will add a long-term cost to the health care, justice, and social services systems. However, if we invest in appropriate supports now, these students can be productive and contributing members of society. I ask her to please stand and for all of us to welcome her with the traditional warm welcome of this Assembly.



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