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Motion for June 20 Public Board Meeting

June 5, 2017

To:  Board of Trustees

From:  Patricia Grell

RE:  Alberta Teachers’ Association Resolution

The ATA passed the following resolutions at the 100th Annual Representative Assembly (ARA):

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Alberta Teachers’ Association affirm the importance of constitutionally established denominational education and support the legitimacy of denominational education provided by Roman Catholic separate school boards as a vital component of Alberta’s public education system, insofar as they operate in accordance with human rights legislation (3-59/17)

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Alberta Teachers’ Association urge separate school boards, notwithstanding their denominational rights, to treat all teachers equitably relative to their employment rights (3-60/17)

Given the fact that

  1. Alberta’s Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the grounds of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression,
  2. The Canadian Human Rights Act includes Sexual Orientation in its list of prohibited grounds of discrimination
  3. that in early June the Canadian Senate is poised to pass Bill C-16 which will add Gender Identity and Expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act’s list of prohibited grounds of discrimination
  4. given the fact that money designated for the classroom is currently being used to fight denominational rights in regards to these protections such as in the case of Jan Buterman, I propose the following motion:


That the ECSD Board of Trustees support the ATA resolutions passed at the ARA 2017 conference and not use our denominational rights as a basis for discrimination against LGBTQ teachers and

That if the Board passes this motion, that no more of ECSD’s educational dollars will go to support the case against Jan Buterman.


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  1. Harold permalink

    I hope you have success with your motion.

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