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Patricia Grell, B.Sc., M.Div.

Telephone:  587-879-5612


  1. Bernie permalink

    Where do you stand on taechers being able to give a 0 for not turning in or showing up for assingments

    • I believe that if a student is not coded and therefore is considered capable of following through on the course requirements, then I believe that a zero should be given if they do not follow through.

  2. Jer Lewsaw permalink

    Good for you. Stand strong. I believe in the same Catholicism as you do and I am proud of you for standing up for that girl.

  3. Joy Brown permalink

    I saw the video on CTV News here in Calgary and agree completely with you. Transgender children need support. Let me know if I can help in any way.

    Joy Brown

  4. theresa theobald permalink

    i just wanted to give you a shout out for doing the work of Jesus and standing up for the vulnerable and marginalized-something this catholic school board has not done in a very long time. Keep up the Holy work!

  5. Brent permalink

    I would like to thank you for your position on the transgender grade 2 girl. You, along with the pope, are a breath of fresh air. Keep up the excellent work!

  6. Joanne permalink

    Bravo Patricia. Thanks for standing up and speaking out against the overt discrimination against the transgendered student. Sadly, the board is railing its indignant head because you pointed out the hypocrisy. Their time would be better spent making it right, and doing justice. Picking on small children in matters such as this is bullying.

  7. M. J. permalink


    When you compare a doctor’s recommendation that a child be allowed to live out his life as the opposite gender to an epipen, you err. Firstly, the use of epipens are not contrary to Church teaching and Catholic morality–you can’t say the same for transgenderism. Secondly, peanuts allergies present imminent danger to the life of the child, which justifies the presence of the epipen, but this is not so for transgendered students not being allowed into a girl’s bathroom.

    It should be clear enough that this doctor concern is entirely secular, with no attention paid to the child’s spirituality, soul or the ethos of the school. When he or she makes recommendations, none of these things are considered, and yet they are entirely relevant to the decision made by the Church. You should know this.

    • I think you need to do some research on this issue from the perspective of saving lives–those transgender students who were fully welcomed in their schools and by their families had less of a chance of harming themselves. I have quoted this research in my blog. We also need to look at the Gospel and see the example of Jesus reaching out to the marginalized. Pope Francis as well has been speaking a lot lately on the whole issue of offering people a welcoming church — a church that accepts people in their situation. The church is moving in a more pastoral rather than judgmental direction.

  8. MBK permalink

    I am quite surprised that you have not made any mention of the ECSD Superintendent being named BEST Supt. in Canada. This is the leader of the board you supposedly support and yet no mention can only mean that you don’t support her. Amazing that she makes you look good! Here’s a link to the article if you missed it:

  9. Natalya permalink

    Patricia, do you have any updates regarding NAIT Collegiate – a grade 9 –12 collegiate for students with an aptitude and passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) ?

    • I believe NAIT needed more land from Blatchford in order to expand its facilities. The City of Edmonton and NAIT are close to an agreement to transfer the land from what I read in the paper. So I imagine that after the agreement is signed, then the Collegiate and other NAIT facilities will be built.

  10. Oriana permalink

    I’m desperately proud of the work you do on behalf of our faith. Your passion and understanding is rooted in a CLEAR understanding of Christ’s message. Soldier on, knowing that TRUTH is your best defence as you continue to put ALL children first.

  11. Jennifer permalink

    I would like to know what you would do, if elected this fall, to ensure that we have a new Catholic High School for the Castledowns area built and ready to open within the next 3 years to serve the north Edmonton communities of ward 71. This area of the city has been growing quite quickly over the past couple years, and only continues to grow. There is a very apparent need for a new high school to serve the Catholic schools of this area of the city. The number of students currently starting school for grades 5 – 7 this fall is extremely large. We need to ensure that we have a high school for these students as the existing high schools are already stretched to the limits. I am a parent of a child going into grade 6 this fall, and I know that having a new high school ready to open by the time my child is starting grade 9 will be a big plus for my child and my child’s classmates.
    I understand that other parts of the city are growing too, but it is about time that this area of the city finally receives a new high school for the Catholic School residents that live here.

  12. Marie Therese Cave permalink

    Dear Ms Grell
    I am a grandmother, a practising catholic, a former catholic teacher (trained as a teacher in a renowned catholic college in the UK). I was surprised and concerned when I came to Canada that the catholic school system was outside the jurisdiction of the catholic hierarchy. I appreciate that this is now making for problems as secular appreciations and values in Canada begin to diverge from traditional catholic teaching.
    When bringing up our children in the UK we lived in in an area in which there was no catholic secondary school. So we dug deep and sent our children to independent catholic schools..For my husband and myself it was important that our children receive a catholic education. We paid for that.. It didn’t cost us food on the table- but i did cost us vacations and a life style our peers were enjoying. We wanted them not only to have a relationship with Jesus ( most important) but also to have an understanding of Catholic teaching and the raison ‘d’etre behind it. We had absolutely no doubt that our children when adult would make their own decisions regarding catholic teaching and even their affiliation to the faith. They were intelligent (as are many many children) and so we wanted them to be fully informed.
    I see from your blog that you entered into post graduate education within a catholic college (St Michaels Toronto). So I have to believe that at that time you were appreciative of the Roman Catholic church’s role in, say, moral decision making ? Somewhere along the way your values and beliefs diverted from traditional catholic teaching.. I wonder how much your learning and experience at St Michaels led you to question these traditional values ? It is to be expected if it was a truly academically stringent program. I think that we really have to recognise that all our values and beliefs are not only affected by our cognitions but also our understanding.. and understanding, I am convinced comes from relationships. Here is where we enter into your relationship with the board and then with your diocesan archbishop..
    It is for some of us out here a great problem that the diocese does not have any governance in respect of the catholic school board. But it is the law.. and we respect the law… I know Archbishop Richard Smith and I have found him to be a good man..
    I would be very happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns
    Marie-Therese Cave M.Sc. P.G dip Couns .Cert.ed

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